Residential Solar Panels Penrith, Hawkesbury, Blue Mountains

Residential Solar Panel Installation

Reduce your carbon footprint, lower your electricity bills, and enjoy the benefits of renewable energy.

Struggling with Rising Energy Bills?

Soaring energy costs can take a toll on your budget, but there is an affordable solution. Utilising the power of solar energy means you can generate your own power, reduce your reliance on the grid, and enjoy long-term savings.

Save with Solar

Thousands of families in the Nepean, Hawkesbury, and Blue Mountains have switched to solar, experiencing significant savings and energy independence.

Discover real stories and see the impressive before-and-after results of their energy costs.

Local, Family Owned Solar Power

Family owned and operated by husband and wife team, Chris and Kate Avery, Avery Solar & Electrical specialises in energy-efficient solutions and innovative designs to enhance your home.

Family Owned

We are proudly family owned and operated, providing a reliable, professional service to the Penrith, Nepean, Hawkesbury and Blue Mountains.


With over 20 years’ experience in the electrical industry, all our technicians are fully licensed and insured, guaranteeing expert workmanship and peace of mind.


Founded in 2018, we’re committed to delivering honest, reliable service, with over 1000 installations for local homes and businesses.


We always conduct on-site visits at your home or business to assess your unique environment. This ensures we design a solar system tailored to you.

What our customers say

Preparing for the Future
with Residential Solar Panels

With the rising cost of living, homeowners face higher energy bills, increased carbon footprints, and dependence on fossil fuels.

Without solar power, you miss out on substantial government rebates and feed-in tariffs.

Adopting solar power offers significant cost savings, environmental benefits, and a step towards a more sustainable, renewable energy future.

Solar Energy:

Your Solution to Rising Electricity Costs

Solar energy offers a cost-effective alternative that not only provides immediate savings but also serves as a long-term investment. Think of solar as a smart financial move with significant returns.

Benefits of residential solar panels:

Reduced Electricity Bills

Generate your own electricity to cut or eliminate monthly energy bills, making solar a smart investment.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Solar energy reduces your carbon footprint and reliance on fossil fuels, promoting a healthier planet.

Protection Against Rising Tariffs

Solar panels offer energy independence, protecting you from rising electricity costs and market changes.

Higher Property Value with Solar

Homes with solar panels often have higher property values and sell faster, attracting eco-conscious buyers.

Minimal Maintenance, Increased Returns

Solar panels require minimal upkeep, providing long-term financial benefits due to their durability.

Energy Independence

Generate your own electricity, reducing reliance on the grid and protecting against rising energy costs.

Only The Best Solar Panel, Battery & Inverter Brands

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Experience the peace of mind that comes with a high-quality solar panel system installed by the expert teaml, ensuring reliable performance for years to come.


Support local business with quality you can trust. We offer cost-effective solutions using the industry’s best solar and electrical products, mostly sourced from local retailers and trade suppliers—no cheap imports or knock-offs here!

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